Visual impact is just as important as improved performance when it comes to big brake kits. Because of this, we have ensured that our 326POWER Gachi Stop big brake kit range is by far the most distinctive and customisable on the market.

Available for a wide range of cars, Gachi Stop brake kits are available in sizes ranging from 286 to 405mm for both the front and rear of your car, with caliper types including 4, 6 and 8-Pot.

All Gachi Stop brake kits are supplied with drilled and grooved floating discs as standard. Not only does this provide the best possible performance, it also ensures that your big brake kit looks as aggressive and as purposeful as possible behind your wheels.

Gachi Stop brake calipers are available in both painted and anodised finishes with many different colours to choose from. You can also specify the colour of the 326POWER logo on the calipers, along with the colour of the brake disc bells.

The customisation doesn’t stop there either; you can also choose to have the face of the caliper lightly shaved to give an exposed metallic look, along with other additional engraving options. With so many variants available, you can specify a truly one of a kind big brake kit that is perfectly suited to match your car and your personality.