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The 326POWER Yabaking Spoke is a 2-piece wheel that is made-to-order by hand in Japan. Using an aggressive five spoke design that also draws styling cues from 326POWER’s Crown logo, the Yabaking Spoke is a highly unique wheel in what is quickly becoming an over-saturated market.

The beauty of a made-to-order 2-piece wheel is that you can choose pretty much any width and offset that you want, allowing you to dial in the perfect mix of brake caliper and suspension clearance while also achieving your desired style of wheel fitment.

There are numerous face colours to choose from, ranging from subtle and classy finishes to lurid and in-your-face paint options. Polished lips are supplied as standard, although various brushed, anodised and CNC-cut finishes are available.

Yabaking Spoke wheels use a unique rear-mounted valve stem. An adapter is included to aid the ease of tyre inflation. With the 17″, 19″ Step Rim & 20″ variants, you can choose to have a front-mounted valve stem instead, or a front valve stem with a hole drilled at the rear for a tyre pressure monitor sensor.

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