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326POWER Cupman Air Cups in the UK

A set of 326POWER Cupman air cups arrived in the UK this week for one of our customers. This particular customer is already running 326POWER Chakuriki coilovers on their car (which, naturally, is very low) but wanted a solution to help them get onto their particularly steep driveway, along with the various speed bumps and other obstacles they need to negotiate on their journey to work.

326POWER UK Cupman Air Cups

By fitting the Cupman air cups, the customer will be able to raise their car by up to 50mm instantaneously at the flick of a switch. Once the obstacle has been negotiated, they can simply lower their car back down and continue driving. We'll post some more photos and videos of the kit in action on the customer's car as soon as they have it set up, just so you can see how effective it is in action!

326POWER UK Cupman Air Cups

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