All 326POWER Yabaking wheels are built in Japan to the highest possible standards. While the Yabaking 1-Piece is a cast wheel, the 2-Piece Spoke and Mesh variants utilise flow-forming technology for the outer lips and barrels. This production technique is used by the best wheel manufacturers in Japan and ensures that the wheels are both extremely strong and robust while also reducing weight when compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

326POWER Nissan 370Z Z34

The beauty of the Yabaking Spoke and Mesh wheels is that they are hand-made to your exact specifications, allowing you to choose almost any width and offset that you desire, along with offering you a huge array of colour combinations to choose from.

In contrast, the Yabaking 1-Piece is available in specific widths and offsets to help make aggressive wheel fitment easy, along with a large selection of colour finishes for you to choose from.