There are many coilover brands to choose from nowadays, each one promising more features and advantages than the last. Rather than trying to cover every possible base, 326POWER have designed and developed their Chakuriki coilovers with one goal in mind: to provide a truly custom coilover suspension service, where no two kits are the same and all kits are built to the customer’s exact requirements. Whether you’re driving a slammed show car with aggressive wheel fitment or a high powered drift car, 326POWER can cater for your needs.

Nissan S13 Chakuriki Coilovers

Thanks to countless hours of R&D by legendary D1GP driver and 326POWER CEO Mitsuru Haruguchi, each Chakuriki coilover kit offers levels of customisation and personalisation far beyond those found on any other coilovers.


  • 26-step damping adjustment using click adjusters
  • Monotube dampers, valved to suit your chosen spring rates
  • Independent height adjustment and droop/preload settings (allows for full damper travel even at the lowest setting)
  • Camber adjustable top mounts (on kits for cars using MacPherson style suspension)
  • Robust 20mm-thick damper shafts
  • Rubber dust boots
  • Hexagon-style locking collars with pinch bolt locking system
  • Eyelet-style bottom cups feature high-impact polyurethane bushes
  • Rubber spacers fitted to locking collars to prevent spring noise and reduce stress on the spring under lateral loads

That’s only the beginning though. Every Chakuriki coilover kit can be built to suit your specific requirements via the 326POWER Upgrade Scheme to ensure that you receive the highest quality suspension setup to suit your needs.

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326POWER Coilover Springs

STEP 1: Spring Rates – 4kg/mm ~ 100kg/mm:
In comparison to other brands, 326POWER springs are manufactured using much thicker (yet less tightly wound) coils. This helps to provide a much more linear spring response under compression, especially noticeable when using stiffer spring rates.

When ordering your coilovers you can choose your desired spring rates depending on the type of driving that you intend on doing; your dampers will be valved according to the spring rates that you choose. Recommended spring rates are displayed on the shop but you are welcome to specify any spring rate that you wish.

326POWER Coilover Colour Scheme

STEP 2 & 3: Colour Scheme – Blue, Black, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Red:
Make your coilovers match your personality. You can mix and match colours for the Click Adjusters, Top Mounts, Upper Mount, Spring (and Helper Spring if applicable), Upper Locking Collar, Lower Locking Collar and Bottom Bracket.

STEP 4: Dust Boot Colour – Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow:
Dust Boots are included with all 326POWER coilovers to prevent dirt and debris from reaching the damper seal. They are supplied in black as standard, but you can choose to upgrade to blue, green, pink or yellow dust boots should you want to make you coilovers look even brighter.

STEP 5: Mazibane Spring Upgrade – Gold, Green, Pink:
By default, Chakuriki coilovers are supplied with 326POWER’s Charabane springs. If you require an even more progressive spring setup, you can upgrade to Mazibane springs. These are manufactured by Swift, who are widely regarded as makers of the finest coilover springs on the market.

Unlike other coilover springs, Swift springs are manufactured from HS5 TW spring alloy which is more compliant and more reactive than traditional spring materials. In the real world, this translates to a more comfortable and responsive ride.

326POWER Coilover Helper Springs

STEP 6: Helper Spring Upgrade – Green, Pink, Yellow:
If you plan on running a large amount of droop on your coilovers, you’ll want to have helper springs fitted. These ensure that the coilover spring isn’t unsupported when the damper is reaching its full extension, which is usually when weight is transferred away from a particular corner of the car (i.e when cornering hard or when jacking up the car). You can choose from the standard 326POWER Charabane helper springs or upgrade to the Swift Mazibane helper springs (available in Gold, Green or Pink).

In many cases, 326POWER have found that combining a larger damper and using it in conjunction with a large amount of droop and a Helper Spring helps to improve both traction and comfort, as the shock piston is sitting in the middle of its operating range when the car is being driven. This is judged on a case by case basis though, depending on your car, desired ride height and the type of driving you intend on doing.

STEP 7: Damper Type – SS, SP, RS:
The most crucial component of any coilover is the damper unit. The damping settings themselves can be adjusted to a small degree using click adjusters but, for some users, this isn’t enough.

Chakuriki coilovers are available with three different types of damper. SS is the default damper and is the best option for street use. The SP damper is suitable for fast road use and some track driving, whereas the RS damper is designed for track use only. Each damper type has different piston and gas pressure settings to suit their intended environment.

326POWER Coilover Camber Top Mount

STEP 8: Camber Adjustable Top Mounts Upgrade (for cars with Double Wishbone suspension):
For cars that use MacPherson strut style front suspension, camber adjustable top mounts are included as standard. Kits for cars that use double wishbone front suspension setups are supplied with fixed top mounts but these can be replaced with adjustable types if required.

The main reason for doing this is to allow for a wider front wheel by pushing the top of the coilover as far inwards as possible, providing additional clearance. For cars where wide wheel clearance is also an issue at the rear, you can choose to have your rear coilovers fitted with adjustable top mounts too. For some cars, a simple fixed offset top mount can be supplied as opposed to an adjustable item.

Unlike the camber adjustable top mounts supplied with coilovers from other brands, you can use all of the available adjustment range on the 326POWER items thanks to a unique design that prevents the Top Mount bearing platefrom interfering with the range of travel.

326POWER Coilover Extra Camber Front Bottom Brackets

STEP 9: Extra Camber Front Bottom Brackets Upgrade:
On some European cars, it is notoriously difficult to increase the negative camber on the front wheels. This is very apparent when these cars are lowered and can sometimes result in the front wheels having excessive positive camber (which does not look good!).

To combat this problem, Extra Camber Front Bottom Brackets are available as an optional upgrade on kits for selected European models. These brackets are kinked to increase the negative camber on the front wheels; you can choose from the Low type (2-3deg of camber), Medium type (3-5deg of camber) or High type (5-7deg of camber).

326POWER Coilover 360 Saburoku Bearing Upgrade

STEP 10: 360 Saburoku Bearing Upgrade:
On cars with MacPherson style front suspension, spring binding is a common issue when steering. This is because the coilover is trying to turn with your wheels while the other components remain captive, putting a lot of pressure on the standard Upper Mount.

The Upper 360 Saburoku Bearing replaces the standard Upper Mount unit with an item that rotates much more freely, while the Lower 360 Saburoku Bearing sits between the spring and the lower locking collar and allows the spring without resistance, irrespective of the coilover.

Just fitting the Upper 360 Bearing is often enough to prevent any spring binding but it is recommended that you fit both Upper and Lower items to ensure 100% bind-free suspension. While they are primarily designed to be used on the front coilvers, they can also be fitted to the rear to prevent any binding that may occur under extreme suspension squat or with heavy weight loads.

STEP 11: Bump Stop Upgrade:
If you want to limit your suspension’s travel for whatever reason (extreme wheel fitment would be one example), you can choose to have bump stops fitted to your Chakuriki coilovers. Manufactured from polyurethane, each bump stop can withstand loads of up to 2500kg and will only compress by 7mm with 2000kg of force upon them.

Like what you see? You can buy your 326POWER Chakuriki Coilover kit here.