326POWER S2000 Chakuriki Coilovers

Honda S2000 Chakuriki Coilovers

A set of Honda S2000 Chakuriki coilovers have recently arrived for one of our customers who had some very particular requirements with regards to their suspension setup. Not to worry though; with every 326POWER coilover set being assembled by hand in Japan, we can provide a truly bespoke coilover service and give you exactly what

Rich Starkey S15

326POWER UK on Speedhunters

Rich Starkey from Driftworks is one of our customers here in the UK and his Nissan S15 is fitted with a 326POWER S15 Luxhane Boot Spoiler that we supplied to him a few months ago. Yesterday, Rich’s car was featured on Speedhunters with some great photos of the wing fitted. We keep S15 Luxhane Boot

Cupman Air Cups

Cupman Air Cups in the UK

A set of 326POWER Cupman air cups arrived in the UK this week for one of our customers. This particular customer is already running 326POWER Chakuriki coilovers on their car (which, naturally, is very low) but wanted a solution to help them get onto their particularly steep driveway, along with the various speed bumps and other

326POWER Manriki Wing

326POWER Wings & Crocs In Stock

Last week we took a big delivery of 326POWER rear wings, fresh in from Japan. Aside from the quintessential Manriki rear wings, we also received delivery of Roof and Boot Spoilers for Nissan 180SX, PS13, S14 and S15 models.

S14a Yabaking 1-Piece

Paul’s Yabaking’d S14a

When it comes to the S14, a chassis that has been modified by countless people around the world for the last two decades, it can be quite hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not building a car for competition drifting use or following a strict “2001 style” build formula, the world is

326POWER Scirocco

0% Finance Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that we can now offer 0% finance on all 326POWER orders over £500! This means that the cost Chakuriki coilovers, sets of Yabaking wheels and many more parts can be spread over an extended period of time and you don’t need to pay a penny more for the convenience of doing

326POWER 350Z Z33

Yabaking Wheel Summer Sale

We are pleased to announce that the Yabaking Summer Sale is now in full effect! You’ll automaticall receive £400 discount on a set of 18/19″ Yabaking Spoke or Mesh wheels (£100 off per wheel) and £140 discount on a set of Yabaking 1-Piece wheels (£35 off per wheel) when placing your order. The 20″ version

Sean Rocket Bunny FD3S

Sean’s Rocket Bunny FD

326POWER UK-supplied 9cm Duralumin Wheel Nuts fitted to Sean Malone‘s stunning Rocket Bunny-kitted FD3S Rx-7. Next up, a set of Spike End Caps to finish off the super aggressive look and fill those huge wheels a little more.